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Every hour on demand availability has online media shifting from 'design centric' to 'content-centric'. Visitors engage and return to authentic, personable, and purposeful websites - accomplished by fresh insightful content. 

Website builders start at $12 a month. Squarespace & Wix changed web design forever, delivering a robust non coding platform to update your site instantly. Built-in stylish graphic design is married to content featured driven templates that integrate e-commerce, blogging, and events-scheduling-calendaring - with your own personal purposeful information and branding. 

Google, the 'international and local phone book of record', is interested in 'alive' sites - as are your visitors. That's why Squarespace and Wix have taken off - they provide the latest professional graphic design along with hosting and CMS, so you can focus on fresh content - not costly design bells & whistles.  

Product Roundup: July

We've added 13 top-level domains (TLDs) to our registry including .art, .shop, .vip, .fun, .top, .blog, .games, .group, .ltd, .promo, .salon, .vin, and .wine. We now offer more than 300 TLDs to help you make your website even more personalized.

Summer Refresh: 16 New Templates

For many, a website can mean a fresh start for their personal brand or business. This summer we've launched 16 new templates to make creating a powerful online identity even easier.

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