Websites: The Personable Touch

The "Relatable Personable Touch"

A "personable" touch stands out from the crowd.  Avoiding that predictable cold website feel - we know so well - is more important than ever. You can deliver your core message to new and returning visitors and set yourself apart by being current and instantly relatable.  With social media's 24/7/365 reach, visitors respond to fresh alive content.  Social media changed everything about how we approach online content; websites are no different.   Don't forget: with 80% of smartphone users turning to local businesses and events - we all prefer 'local'. 

A Themed Driven Approach

A "theme" connects your site to community and adds back the 'brick and mortar' feel to online media.  For example, a pub can use fresh photos of patrons and staff. Visitors instantly connect to a pub's warmth through patrons, musicians, and events. 

Photos - "Anything But Stock"

For therapists, seasonal photos and local imagery can be blended into a professional feel - the cornerstone of therapy. The voice or approach of a therapist is instantly relatable, and prevents a feeling of indifference.

Fresh Content

Routine updates are essential for good search rankings - and for visitors to return. Seasonal themes, holiday themes, calendar of events, specials, e-mail campaigns, blogs, newsletters - all timely content opportunities. Site builders make it easy to deliver fresh updated content.  

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram embedded feeds showcase your entire online presence. Blog posts and e-commerce can post instantly to all major social media. 

Collaborate Affordably

Online media is an opportunity to deliver personable, fresh, and timely content. 

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