Website Builders vs. Traditional Design


Building and updating websites always involves a couple of fundamentals:

Graphic Design (style, functionality, user experience) 
Content (copy, media, product) 

If you have the budget, traditional web design is great. When your business is design centric, your followers are attentive to impeccable graphic design detail, and/or you're competing with companies who have gobs of resources and manpower for online media - web designers are the way to go.

But it's essential to separate content from design: now more than ever. Custom web design and designers cost (meaning customized HTML, CSS, and scripting). Web design changes - now, so does your content. Traditionally you returned to your web designer for major changes and updates. Routinely refreshing and updating your site - with seasonal and event driven content - just wasn't practical or affordable.  

Enter Website Builders...

By separating content from design, Squarespace and Wix deliver the latest styles, functionality, and features so you can focus on what matters most: content.  I currently work exclusively with Squarespace and Wix because their financials are sound, their platforms are steady, their user base is in the hundreds of millions, and they're always introducing new features and advancements.  I chose not to work with WordPress - sadly - because in a matter of minutes updating a site, you're into HTML and CSS and the world of 'freemium' widgets and templates. This approach is costly, time consuming, and opens the door to compatibility issues no one has time for.  



Since April 2015, Google favors mobile friendly sites. Since forever, Google favors sites regularly updated with engaging content. Even though you may be referral oriented - with 80% of smartphone users turning to Google search for local businesses, news, and events - a mobile friendly regularly updated website is expected. Building your website with Google search in mind (SEO basics) - means you'll reach everyone everywhere every time. 

Cover/Landing Pages

While branding, information, and marketing serve as the foundation of any online presence, website builders deliver e-commerce, blogging (great for business information and imagery), calendaring, and newsletter integration with MailChimp.  

Squarespace and Wix revolutionized websites. Whether you're an author, photo journalist, fútbol franchise, fashion blogger, bodega, pub, or performance venue - one of the millions of NYC, state, or national small businesses, professionals, artists - website builders deliver an online presence affordably, stylishly, timely.  

Starting for as little as $12 a month.