The Golden Rule: Think, Post, Engage

Social Media's Golden Rule 

Think Creatively, Post Regularly

If I posted nothing but advertising for my business - websites and social media - I'd bore everyone to tears. If I posted intermittently I'd never overcome the millions of posts landing in Facebook news feeds across the globe. Social media is filled with small businesses, professionals, artists, arts and advocacy organizations championing life, work, art, and advocacy.  It's certainly called 'social media' for reason and it's a community that can help strengthen your social media imprint online. 

Content Curation - The Art of Sharing

Content curation is a great way to post regularly, think creative, and be inclusive. Laying off advertising and 'all about me' posts- is a great way to avoid over posting, especially since this community doesn't take kindly to constant pitches (overly promotional posting on Facebook)

Post Regularly

It's impossible to have a serious presence on social media without regular posts.  Not only do active social media accounts matter to Google, they matter to new and existing followers.  The trick is to schedule posts to avoid post blasting. You can spread them out over a day and blend them with original and curated content. And you can set them up - along with events - days, weeks, in advance. 

Think Creatively 

Predictability is no friend of online reach and engagement. If your posts have an advertising feel - only die hard followers will engage. Using images that are personable and copy that is authentic not only grabs attention - it's likely to hold it. Whether its shared content or original - everyone senses a pitch.   

Act Inclusively

Sharing posts of other business pages - arts groups, artists, magazines, like minded businesses... - makes you a part of a larger community - that needs you as much as you need them.  Here's a sampling of NYC based businesses and the arts active online. 


New York Arts


New York Life