Online Media Use in 2015

Online Media

Websites and social media are the "go to" medium to find 'people, places, and things'.  It's where everyone is - literally. If you're considering investing in 'elbow grease' and resources for online media and wondering about the relevancy of an online presence, almost 9 out of 10 Americans are online.  6 in 10 are on smartphones and of those, 70-85% turn to Google to find local businesses and info.  

Internet Use

84% of Americans Online

  • 85% of Men
  • 84% of Women
  • 96% of Young Adults
  • 58% of Senior Citizens

Smartphone Use

64% Use Smartphones 

55% to 68%:

  • Learn about local, news, events, activities
  • Share pictures, videos,
    or commentary

Searching Locally

  • 85% of smartphone users
    search for local info
  • 81% "took action"
  • 40% visited in person
  • 35% called the business