Content Centric: Purposeful & Personable

Content Centric vs. Design Centric

Online media's 24/7 influence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) impacts content across all platforms. How successful would Facebook or Twitter be if we all were posting the same content, daily, weekly, monthly - or updating infrequently? It's the reason most social media platforms - personal and business accounts - are free. Online media withers without fresh content, websites included. 

Here's a simple strategy: let website builders take care of graphic design and functionality, so you can focus on fresh information and branding, the online cornerstone of marketing. 

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Google prioritizes compelling, fresh content in its rankings.
If you want your website to rise in the rankings, you need to be publishing fresh, new content on your website as often as possible.

Your content can’t be simply a bunch of keywords. Google is trying to optimize for compelling, real-world content (the kind that writers create and that website visitors read).
— PC Magazine - May 2016
Here’s a paradox of modern digital life:
Users spend a growing majority of their time in mobile apps, but websites attract bigger audiences.

“Because of fluid linking of content on social and search,
it’s easier to attract audiences on the web. It’s just harder to keep them there for long periods of time.
— Wall Street Journal

Built-in Design, Features, and Functionality

Design obviously plays a role but behind the scenes website builders use professional graphic designers to deliver style and functionality via templates. Templates incorporate the latest functional and feature rich design for the small business-org, artist, professional market (fixed navigation, parallax scrolling, commerce, blogging, calendaring...). Fresh design is accomplished by changing templates, not never ending customized coding. The designers at these corporations can chase the world of web design - so your online presence is about what matters most: content

Focus on creating your own quality content.
Be the content on the page that keeps people engaged — not the ad on the side that’s either interrupting an experience or getting ignored.

Get pageviews on your site instead of renting out others
— HuffPost Business
Your website should have a blog section where you publish content that customers & visitors will find helpful & relevant. Content should be shareable, too so your customers can share it to social networks.

Your home page and landing pages should also display the newest and recent content to help your customers see your business is always up-to-the-moment.
— HuffPost Business

Authentic and Personable

Branding may be an overused term but a stiff online voice - staid stock photo images, predictable boiler plate content, all infrequently updated - results in a look and feel of every other website. Fresh and engaging content makes more than a favorable impression on new and returning visitors, it piques interest and brings them back. That's achieved with content where the focus is seasonal and inventive - as any business, portfolio, or performance naturally is. The unexpected, personable, and authentic not only sets you apart, it signals a serious commitment to online media: where everyone is, literally. 


Relevant and timely information personifies the best in substantive online content. Everyone uses online media for branding, but delivering engaging and beneficial information increases both visitor awareness and knowledge. Purposeful and authentic content spotlights your commitment to online media while informative content helps visitors gain insight, perspective, knowledge. This creates a lasting connection between you, existing and prospective clients, and the larger online community. It's what Google wants, more importantly, Google's users. 


Authentic, Personable, and Purposeful: this takes time and effort.  Offloading web design by using site builders affords the time and energy to collaborate on content - making online media costs more manageable and responsive. Website builders aren't perfect by any means - there are always trade offs and limitations. But having a platform where you can take charge, farm out certain work, or use a hybrid approach, keeps your online media about you and your content.