Social Media: Lessons Learned in 2015

Social Media for Business: Connect,  Share, Network 


I tracked a client's Facebook account against 5 - 7 competitors (Facebook Insights) in the neighborhood over many months.  Our reach and engagement more than doubled others - overnight.  Why?  Sharing & Content Curation.

  • Most competitors posted mostly advertising. 
  • Most competitors posted mostly photos. 
  • Most competitors posted irregularly. 
  • Only one practiced content curation. 
  • None shared followers posts. 

Traditional Advertising

When posting a standard organic ad, reach (who saw the ad) was below average to abysmal - engagement (what they did with it - likes, comments, shares) rare.  See: Overly Promotional Posts

Indirect Advertising

When I featured the owner or the legacy of the business, the reach and engagement was the best for business related posts.  

Sharing Followers Content

Sharing followers content is likely the most important - but doesn't always deliver great reach or engagement.  However, these were patrons and musicians - always on my radar.  While the reach may not have been extensive - the appreciation from the followers certainly was.  (Hint, hint.)

Content Curation

When posting articles or videos with NYC centric themes, or other relevant media related to audience demographics and interest, engagement soared.  I focused on non mainstream sources (Gothamist, Time Out..) and timely relevant articles related to NYC - and struck gold. The right articles and videos drove a reach that could hit or surpass 30% total followers.  Traditional ads?  2-5%. True, metrics are debated all the time.  But a 1000 reach vs. a 60 reach? 


Twitter is known mostly for 'chatter'.  Yet many businesses, orgs, professsionals, artists, musicians, writers... are there.  I grew Twitter business accounts using the same approach as Facebook: connect, share, promote, network.  

As with Facebook, schedule posts to avoid blasting all of your posts or re-tweets at once - annoying to followers.  But more importantly, when you schedule a re-tweet or post for something a follower posted - you are keeping their post alive - social media at its best. 

Twitter and Instagram have organic reach.  Facebook doesn't - yet there are ways around this.  An active engaging account - organic or paid - only increases your overall online presence.  

Civic Media New York

Content Curation is currently my sole focus on my Facebook and Twitter. For now, no advertising, paid advertising or Facebook personal friends. NYC small business & the arts appreciates likes, shares, and retweets.  Curation does involve elbow grease and trial and error - but it's worth it. 

Social media doesn't have to be 'all about me' - it can be as much about community and interests.  This strategy is less invasive and stands out from the crowd.  Less focus on advertising more focus on connecting.  It's what social media was designed for: community.