Civic Engagement

Where & how civic life takes place, is an open question. The lines between private & public, self-interested & civic are blurring as digital cultures transform means & patterns of communication around the world.
— The Civic Media Project | MIT Labs

Lydia McLaughlin leaving 'RHOC' after one-season return

Lydia McLaughlin is over the OC. The reality star, 36, announced on her blog on Friday that she will no longer be part of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," after her brief return for the show's 12th season. "I feel like I can only handle this show one season at a time.

Tronc Sells The Los Angeles Times to Local Billionaire for $500 Million

With The Times receiving national attention for reasons having nothing to do with its exemplary coverage of sexual harassment in Hollywood or the natural disasters in its backyard, Tronc had a public-relations problem just as it was trying to develop new strategies for producing and distributing its journalism.


UrbaNerd: Dramatic Shifts in NYPD Street Arrests in the De Blasio Era

If the modern era of New York City policing began in 1994 with the arrival of Rudy Giuliani in City Hall and Bill Bratton at One Police Plaza, a major historical pivot occurred shortly after Bill de Blasio took office and Bratton returned: For the first time in more than two decades, cops started arrested more people for misdemeanors linked primarily to someone's complaint rather than the NYPD's own enforcement priorities.

More Than 60 U.S. Cities Are Suing Big Pharma Over Opioids

Through peer-to-peer compacts and direct negotiations with the U.N., city leaders took unprecedented action on climate change and immigration last year, despite federal stonewalling. In 2018, municipal officials appear to be pooling their legislative heft on another issue receiving little support from the White House: opioid abuse.