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We all must champion New York’s ‘home grown’: the arts, business, & civic minded advocacies.
— Brian Burgess

With a few decades of experience over our shoulders, the verdict is in: a meaningful online presence builds lasting connections between people, places, & things. For better or worse, Google Search has become the de facto phone book of record while just about every person, organization, business - everyone reachable - is present online.

Despite the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and online advertising usurping online privacy, Facebook reports over 2 billion daily active users, Instagram 800 million, with 3.5 billion daily searches on tax dodging Google. Online media can strengthen and grow home grown arts, business, organizations, and civic minded advocacies. More than ever what we listen to, read, and purchase - matters.  Connecting online offers opportunities for all New Yorkers, and sharing home grown media can put a dent in New York income and wealth inequality. 

Civic Media New York

Championing New York's Home Grown:  All 5 NYC boroughs - small businesses, grass roots organizations, civic centric activists, creatives - need support online. CMNY promotes online media presences - posts and events - and serves as a daily civic centric portal for 'the rest of us.' 


New York Sessions

NYC Session Based Live Music: an online resource (website & social media) for live session based music throughout the five boroughs. New York Sessions lists regularly scheduled known sessions in addition to sessions, venues, & musicians merchandising & fund raising. 

New York Sessions

Progressive Town Crier

Only an Informed public is an Engaged Public

Progressive New York: taking a swipe at 'fake news' and the multinational online media monopoly, PTC serves as a New York city portal for progressive voices, candidacies, issues, and events. A particular bent that works to focus locally and not nationally: With the worst income & wealth inequality in the nation, almost 50% of NYC moving in and out of poverty, and the most segregated school system in the US - there's much work to be done. 

Progressive Town Crier

Online Media Services

Online Media Services for 'New York's Home Grown':  Artists, Creatives, Small Business, Civic Centric Advocacy. Squarespace offers an affordable platform to deliver graphic design, hosting, on an non programmable platform. Website builders take care of CMS, graphic design, interface, and componentry  - so we can take care of content.  CMNY helps small business and creatives build an online presence using the Squarespace platform and a local, national, and global reach. 


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