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Civic Media

Any form of communication that strengthens the social bonds within a community or creates a strong sense of civic engagement among its residents.
— Civic Media Lab | MIT
All of the mechanisms that generate that “structure of feeling” of belonging to a community and working together to insure its long term viability.
— Henry Jenkins | UCLA

New York City: the largest city in the US with a population 53% female and 65% non white.
New York leads the nation in income and wealth inequality, is the home to more billionaires than anywhere on the planet,
where a majority of its workforce is employed by corporations,
almost 45% of the population lives in or near the federal poverty threshold,
and is ranked third as the most segregated city in the nation. 

Civic Media New York seeks to champion 'home grown' arts, small business, and progressive advocacy
as a grass roots effort out of this mess.


The Arts in New York


CreateNYC | A Cultural Plan for New York City

The City of New York released CreateNYC, New York City's first-ever cultural plan. Nearly 200,000 residents, from every corner of the city, stepped up to share their priorities, concerns, and ideas about how we can make sure that-here in New York- culture is for everyone.

Small Business In New York

Civic Centric New York

The nanny is no doubt aware of the class gap whether or not she knows the price of her employer’s bread. Instead, such moves help wealthy people manage their discomfort with inequality, which in turn makes that inequality impossible to talk honestly about - or to change.
— Rachel Sherman | NYT
Over 12,000 families—including 25,000 children—
call a New York City shelter their home.

Opinion | What the Rich Won't Tell You

We often imagine that the wealthy are unconflicted about their advantages and in fact eager to display them. Since Thorstein Veblen coined the term "conspicuous consumption" more than a century ago, the rich have typically been represented as competing for status by showing off their wealth.